about me

mobile dog grooming in Ilkeston, Kimberley, Giltbrook & surrounding areas

I have been working with animals and grooming dogs for my whole working life. Even so, I still enjoy attending grooming seminars which enables me to keep up to date with developing products and techniques.

I have had many lovely dogs of my own and am particularly fond of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I also have a soft spot for rescue dogs and my current dog, Jay, is a rescue. I also enjoy training dogs and have trained all of my dogs but had to 'retire' Jay due to his blindness.

I only groom one dog at a time so that your dog can always be sure to have my undivided attention.

Mobile Dog Grooming by Wendy in Nottinghamshire

I absolutely love my job and all of the dogs who come to me are very special (even the difficult ones!) I like a challenge and it is so satisfying to gain the trust of a dog who at first seems impossible. One of my regulars, Flyn, a beautiful Cairn Terrier, was absolutely terrified of scissors and i just could not get near him at all so had to give up, but I asked his owners when relaxing at night, to have a pair of scissors handy and keep opening and closing them so that Flyn got used to the noise. I think it was about 18 months before I could snip some fur off him. Once he'd learnt that the scissors weren't going to hurt him he was fine. He's about 12 years old now and we have another problem - Flyn refuses to stand up and is so relaxed he wants to lay down and go to sleep whilst having his hair cut! It's so funny to see him so chilled out.

Call me on 07882 654 339 for more information.